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  How Size and Clarity Affects the Overall Quality of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Conquer the world with sparkling lights and matchless freshness with Himalayan Salt Lamps Perth! Don’t be the last to experience the invigorating charm nature has brought to our doorsteps!

By tradition, Himalayan salt lamps are rampantly sold by weight. Himalayan salt lamps’ value comes directly proportional to its weight, which means the heavier the salt lamp, the more expensive it becomes. One of the few reasons for this price basis is its shipping cost. It is irrefutable that shipping heavier Himalayan salt lamps across the globe cost a great deal more than sending a lighter salt lamp. Moreover, it has been observed that a Himalayan salt lamp that exceeds 20 pounds in weight are more likely to possess thickness and clarity that prevents a constant, fully lit lamp.

Himalayan salt lamps have been popularly known to have a therapeutic effect by its emission of negative ions. Although these claims do not have a scientific explanation, countless individuals still buy these salt lamps for the said therapeutic quality. The size of the Himalayan salt lamp also affects the number of negative ions emitted as the larger the surface area, the greater output is achieved in negative ion generation. Negative ions descent and drop off intensely within a few feet from the Himalayan salt lamp regardless of its overall size and negative ion output. Hence, if you prefer ionization in most areas of your homes, it is best recommended to have more Himalayan salt lamps placed throughout an area rather than have one gigantic salt lamp.


Get the best Himalayan salt lamp in town! Aside from the Himalayan salt lamps’ colours, its clarity also makes a great deal-maker. Himalayan salt lamps clarity can potentially have the highest impact on its overall aesthetic value. Clarity is significantly determined by two distinct factors which includes the purity of the Himalayan salt lamp and the temperature at which the Himalayan salt rock crystal was moulded.

Purity – Himalayan salt lamp’s purity varies greatly from each other. Salt crystals that have high mineral content are not suitable to be formed as salt lamps as it impede in the proper distribution of light waves throughout the salt’s surface.

Temperature – Himalayan salt crystals that are formed at higher temperature possess a clearer exterior than those that are formed at lower temperature. Those salt crystals that are naturally moulded at cooler environments tend to be extremely fragile and most often have huge, flaky deposits which hinders light penetration.

Himalayan Salt Lamps Perth carefully handpick each of the Himalayan salt crystals to ensure that only those salt crystals that display utmost quality will be chosen. Now that you know what to look for in a Himalayan salt lamp, nothing can stop you in getting the salt lamp that portrays superb quality. So go shop at Himalayan Salt Lamps Perth  now and enjoy salt lamps that exceeds your expectations in a positive way!

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